• Magnetic Particles Testing (MT)

Metod used to detect welding defects and discontinuity of materials in ferromagnetic welded joints. Before proceeding to tests, it is necessary to prepare the examined surface adeqately – it must be free of mill scale, grease, oil, welding splinters and any other substances that could affect the accuracy of tests.

  • Eddy Current Testing (ET)

Eddy currents (or Foucault currents) are the result of magnetic induction that occurs in the electrical circuit due to changing magnetic field. They are generated in objects conducting electricity made of both ferromagnectic metals (ferrite-pearlite construction irons) as well as non-magnetic ones (austenitic steel, non-ferrous metals). Such metals can be subject to Eddy Current Testing.

  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Ultrasonic defectoscopy of tested materials is conducted by emitting pulse ultrasonic waves generated in piezoelectric transducer through launched by the head of an ultrasonic device.

  • Visual Testing (VT)

Visual testing is based on thorough examination of the surface of welded joints. It is a primary testing method employed for all sorts of welded constructions.

  • Penetrant Testing (PT)

This kind of testing is employed to detect surface pits and weld discontinuities (material discontinuities) that appear on the surface of welded joints. Penetrant testing is executed usually after performing visual testing of welded joints.

elektrownie_wiatroweWIND POWER PLANTS

  • nacelle’s exterior parts
  • wind blades

– cleaning

– fixing of mechanical damages of blades

– lighting system installation

– support inspection



– assembly

– disassembly

– torsion

– welding



mechanical and manual cleaning of metal surfaces

– painting using primer and anti-corrosion paints